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Here Is The Most and Least Preferred Provinces By People Already In Canada From 2020 to 2021!

Here is the data for most and least preferred provinces from official website of Statistics Canada based on the interprovincial migration by people already in Canada. Interprovincial migration represents movements from one province or territory to another, involving a change in usual place of residence. Reference dates are from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. These estimates of interprovincial migration was based on Canada child benefit data from Canada Revenue Agency.

Total of 286,170 Canadians changed their usual province of residence and moved to another province. Most preferred province was British Columbia adding net 34,277 people from other provinces, while Ontario was the least preferred as net 17,085 people left the province. After British Columbia, most preferred were the maritime provinces. Following Ontario, least preferred were the prairie provinces.

ProvinceIncoming Migrants
(People Already In Canada)
Outgoing Migrants
(People Already In Canada)
Net Difference
British Columbia70,85636,57934,277
Nova Scotia20,48410,5359,949
New Brunswick13,4819,5943,887
Prince Edward Island4,1863,196990
Newfoundland and Labrador6,1695,384785
Northwestern Territories1,6441,904-260
Interprovincial Migration Within Canada

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