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Canada Study Visa - SOP

Canada Study Visa – Know How To Draft Statement of Purpose!

One of the main reasons for study visa refusal is a weak statement of purpose. Therefore, when applying for your Canadian student visa, you must satisfy the visa officer that you are a genuine student. In addition, you need to explain your study plan and career goals and justify why you want to study in Canada. 

Here’s how to draft your statement of purpose for your Canadian student visa. Listed below are five questions you must answer and explain in your statement of purpose: 

Introduce yourself 

Present yourself to the officer, share brief details on your family background, parents, their profession, any siblings, etc. Moreover, use this opportunity to show your bonafide ties to your home country. 

Academic Record 

Explain your prior educational background, including what you studied, your previous institute’s location, and your achievements. Additionally, you could share information on your performance or things you learned from your degree. Finally, include why you want to pursue another degree.

Professional Experience 

Describe your previous professional experience, if applicable. You can include details of your primary responsibilities or anything you learned from your experience. Do not include all details of your role and responsibility, add relevant information only. 

Additionally, mention skills you realize you need to improve. Furthermore, it would be nice to explain how pursuing this course will help you get those skills. 

Explain why do you want to pursue this particular course from a Canadian college or university 

Does the course align with your prior education and experience? First, you have to explain the logical connection for the choice of your program. Subsequently, justify why you want to pursue this program from Canada when cheaper alternatives are available in your home country. Finally, you could include unique classes offered in the course, established professors, and how they’ll help succeed in your career. 

What value will this program add to your career back in your home country? 

You need to explain how pursuing this program in Canada will benefit your career on return to your home country. For example, you could include the quality of education, international exposure, recognized institution and guidance from established professors, etc.

Remember that the goal of a statement of purpose is to assure the visa officer that you’re a sincere student. Furthermore, highlight your intent to return to your home country post completion of your studies.