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Article/Blog Writer

Job Title: Article/Blog Writer

Job Type: Temporary with opportunity for permanent hire

Location: Remote

Canada Sponsorship: No

Reimbursements: Internet Charges

Job Description:

We are looking for 2 Article/Blog Writers. The ideal candidate is a hard-working team player who will play a critical role in creating original articles and blogs for our website that brings value to our readers.

Roles & Responsibilities  

  • Freshers from any field can apply
  • Preference will be given to Journalism students or graduates.
  • Develop news stories as per information generated by newspapers and press releases in field and archives.
  • Perform research and write unbiased and factual news stories, re-write wire copy and develop crisp news story.
  • Perform research information for story development and monitor story all through its various stages.
  • Provide assistance to editor and develop news scripts.
  • Coordinate with editor to provide support in event of absence or extra work.
  • Monitor all feeds to gather latest breaking news for writing news for publication.
  • Develop and write news stories that address interest of our readers.
  • Design and edit news for our readers and communicate appropriate stories to audience.
  • Develop bridges and other articles to publish during interval of news stories.
  • Perform copy editing of news articles for accuracy, factual content and correct language.
  • Prepare and update news articles for re-publishing with relevant changes incorporated.
  • Prepare and complete news articles to achieve time schedule.
How to apply
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