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10 Job Skills You Need In 2022-Get Hired Now!

9 Job Skills You Need To Get Hired In Canada!

As businesses recover from the pandemic, there is a shift in hiring practices. It has resulted in companies to lowered degree requirements and placing more value on job skills. This article delves into 9 job skills you need in 2022 to get hired.

Research from Harvard Business Review shows that companies have lowered the degree requirements for 46 per cent of middle-skill professions and 31 percent of high-skill professions between 2017 and 2019. Instead, companies are assessing based on certification and work samples.

In the list below, you’ll also learn how you can acquire the required skills to prosper in today’s workplace.

1. Cloud Computing 

Many leading companies are now adopting cloud-based computing as their go-to data management and storage option. As a result, the demand for employees comfortable with cloud computing is growing. 

You can check out Google Cloud Computing to learn and understand the basics, then move to advance paid certificates if it interests you. 

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimisation reflects a company’s online presence and helps search engines find company information. 

With the pandemic, many businesses are seeking employees who can help them establish their company’s online presence and optimise content. To learn, you can check out Hubspot’s free SEO courses and even get certified! 

3. Cyber Security

Cybersecurity protects networked systems and applications from digital attacks from inside or outside the network. 

The Fortune Business Insights data shows that the cybersecurity market is expected to group by 12%, reaching $366.10 billion by 2028. 

Although cybersecurity comes under technical skills, there are free certificates you can try your hand at if you want to learn some of the in-demand skills. 

4. Data Presentation

If you are someone who can read and interpret data well, your skills are in high demand! 

In our data-driven economy, employers seek candidates who interpret large data sets and deliver them comprehensibly. 

To demonstrate your proficiency in data presentation, be prepared to produce charts, presentation slides, and incorporate interactive components.

5. Social Media Skills

As the world becomes more digital, the ability to get your message across on social media is an attractive skill that employers are seeking. 

Managing and growing multiple social media platforms is increasingly becoming a requirement, especially if you work in communications. 

Several free certificates are available online to help you learn more about the platform and grow your skills. 

6. Project Management 

It involves allocating a company’s resources to direct a particular task or event toward completion. Additionally, managing a team that meets all project objectives as well as handling and organizing the project. 

In Canada, a project manager has an average yearly pay of $79,278 as per Indeed.

7. Business Planning 

You should be able to detail a company’s objectives, operations and develop a road map to explain how it plans to achieve its goals. Click here for full guide on planning a business in Canada.

8. Product Management 

Must be able to oversee each stage of a product’s lifespan, from planning to production and price. It can also involve negotiating and administering contracts with clients, suppliers, business partners, or workers.

Product manager earns on an average $89,000 per year in Canada. Vancouver is the highest paying city for product managers followed by Edmonton and Toronto.

9. Account Management 

This role focuses on post-sales to nurture client relationships, retain more clients and grow business opportunities. An account manager get paid on an average $61,500 per year in Canada.

Highest paying top 5 cities are Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Ottawa.   

As the world becomes more digital, you can explore new careers, learn or polish skills and prepare for the job skills employers are looking for in 2022. Moreover, recent report also show that several Canadian employers are willing to hire without experience. Start learning new skills today!