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Will Air Canada Suspend Direct Flights From India ?

Will Air Canada be suspending direct flights to/from India? A lot of our readers have reached out with this question after Air Canada suspended flights from 14 sun destinations. We did some research and would like to share our analysis in this article backed with latest data. Please read this article to end to know basis of our conclusion and speculation.

Disclaimer: This is just an analysis based on data and scenario in Canada and India as well as based on the latest studies and latest developments around the world. We are not responsible for any decision based on our analysis.

We believe situation has now changed in context to direct flights between Canada and India. As of now, situation is totally opposite in context to the previous suspension on direct flights from India. Our analysis says that Canada will not ban direct flights from India as was the case during Delta variant COVID wave. However, there are minimal chances that Canada face a suspension on direct flights from India. This is because of the exponentially rising COVID and Omicron cases in Canada. Following are the reason why we think so.

  • As per latest data from Bing, overall active COVID cases in India are at 371,363 and as per our latest data, overall active COVID cases in Canada are at 387,183. It’s noteworthy that Canada’s population is only 38.19 million as compared to India’s population of 1391.99 million.
  • As Reuters confirmed Omicron cases in India were only at 1,235 2 days ago, while Canada already surpassed 20,000 Omicron cases at the same time. Original Media (we are boycotting for not reporting correct news) has highlighted that 125 passengers were tested positive on Jan 6 flight from Italy to Amritsar and now 173 out of 290 passengers tested positive in an another flight from Italy to Amritsar, so India might be considering on imposing on a ban on direct flights from countries having high Omicron cases.
  • Canada has already admitted at it’s weekly COVID updates that they have to manage pandemic domestically and it’s so Canadian being humble in admitting this as well as being rational.

  • As per latest data from Canadian Government, only 0.6% of probable tracked exposure history was from contact with domestic travellers, while only 0.9% of probable tracked exposure history was from International travellers outside Canada.
direct flights

Based on these scenarios, we believe there will be no suspension on direct flights by Canada on direct flights from India. Furthermore, Indian situation is more healthy and Indian officials may give a thought on refuting direct flights from Canada. To conclude, we believe imposing a travel ban on people from India is the last resort Canada would think about. So, we would recommend our readers not to worry about travel ban as per today’s situation. Will continue to get best answer for ongoing immigration situations of our viewers.