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Vancouver Police

Vancouver Police Jobs Hiring Now That Need No Experience!

There are currently many jobs available at the Vancouver Police Department. And, good part, you don’t need to have any previous experience to apply for them. This article lists 3 available jobs at the Vancouver Police Department and how to apply for them.

The Vancouver Police Department is looking for Special Municipal Constables. These people will work as jail guard, community safety personnel, and traffic authority. You will be trained for all these positions if you are hired.

The training will last around 23 weeks. The training is the only relevant experience that is required if you want a career in policing.

1. Jail Guard

Job Description- You will need to book, search and escort people. So, you will be taking care of people in the custody. You will have to work 12-hour shifts. However, you will get four days off in a week

Salary and Benefits- The starting salary for this role is $27.30 an hour. It goes up to $32.04 an hour. Also, you will have access to gym facilities. You will get two weeks of holidays initially. Lastly, you will get medical and dental coverage.  

2. Community Safety Personnel

Job Description- In this role, you need to assist patrol officers with their task. So, you will be basically helping the officers. This could be on police scene. The shifts are usually for 11-hours. You will be working four days on and four days off. 

Salary and Benefits- The salary for this position ranges from $22.73 an hour to $26.63. Also, you get access to gym facilities in this position. 

3. Traffic Authority

Job Description- In this role, you need to direct traffic at events. The events could be public or private. Since it is based on events, there are no specific shift timings.

Salary and Benefits- The salary for this position ranges from $23.73 an hour to $27.80 an hour.

Who can apply for these jobs?

To be eligible to apply you-

  • Need to be at least 19 years old
  • Have a Grade 12 diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Be a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen
  • Have no criminal charges or convictions 
  • Lastly, have a good driving record

The three roles have their own job requirements, salary and timings. Also, you will get paid more as and when you get more experience in the role. 

You can apply for all these jobs here

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