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Toronto’s First 3D Printed & Automated Shuttle To Start In Mid-October!

City of Toronto announced in October 2020 that they have signed an agreement with Local Motors by LM Industries to start automated shuttle trial in the spring of 2021. Toronto’s mayor John Tory posted a video on TikTok with Olli (Automated Shuttle) with caption saying “Toronto, meet ollie, the automated shuttle.” The caption further said “This new safe, accessible, and zero emission local transit service is coming to Scarborough.”


Meet Ollie at

♬ original sound – coyote 🚗

Features Of Olli:

  • Sensing using lidar, radar
  • On-board attendant all the time who can drive manually when needed
  • Electric, zero-emissions
  • Low speed (20km/h)
  • 8 seats
  • ~4m x 2m
  • Mobility ramp with side guards, wheelchair securements (1)
  • Announcements inside & outside vehicle

Olli has already been deployed in countries like Germany, U.S., Switzerland, Australia, and Italy. Initially Olli will start as a trial for West Rouge Go station on following routes:

Week Day Peak Hour Period
Selected Weekends

Olli’s Service Plan:

  • The temporary shuttle service will be free for passengers, and will travel to and from Rouge Hill GO station.
  • Fixed-location stops will provide access to the West Rouge neighbourhood, West Rouge Community Centre and Rouge National Urban Park. The autonomous driving system (ADS) means it will stop at every designated shuttle stop so passengers do not have to inform the attendant in advance that they wish to disembark.
  • People who want to ride the shuttle will need to book a trip. This helps minimize contact during the COVID-19 pandemic but also enables us to contact passengers directly if there are any service updates. Bookings will be limited to people from the same household to a maximum of 4 at a time.
  • Passenger service is expected to begin in October, once all the project partners are satisfied with the safety of the vehicle.

Amazing Manufacturing Facts Of Olli: