Top 9 Reasons Why Immigrants Are Leaving Canada

Top 10 Reasons Why People Are Leaving Canada
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Canada is a beautiful country that brings several opportunities to improve career and personal life of immigrants.

However, with growing living expenses, number of immigrants leaving Canada has increased significantly for various reasons. 

Many of them are already permanent residents and Canadian citizens. 

If you are a newcomer planning to come to Canada, this article can help you have the correct mindset and be aware of realistic expectations when you arrive. 

9 Reasons Why People Leave Canada

Having high and unrealistic expectations

Some visitors to Canada arrive with higher expectations. They search for YouTube videos and believe that life in Canada is ideal.

It’s not. No place is perfect, and Canada is no exception. 

Expecting to find employment immediately or purchase an expensive home in the first year is unrealistic.

Everything takes time, and you will eventually accomplish your goals. Most individuals know how challenging it is to succeed in this situation, work, or life.

Do not expect everything to be perfect in Canada since things happen, and you should be ready for any hardship.

But unfortunately, people often fail to live up to their high expectations, and they either give up or leave.

Not finding the desired job

Immigrants come to Canada with high hopes, but not everyone succeeds in landing the job they want.

However, many immigrants believe it would be easy to get the same position in Canada because they worked for a multinational corporation back in their home country. 

You may land great jobs in Canada. Mostly, you may not find the exact position you previously held or are currently looking for. 

Generally, it may take at least 1-3 years to find a position in your specific industry despite having years of experience in your home country.

It also depends on when and where you arrive in Canada and look for employment. Not finding a position in your field is not the end of the world.

There are opportunities in other industries, such as retail or restaurants, that will pay at least the minimum wage to manage basic expenses. 

If you intend to move to Canada, there’s a risk you might not get the job you’re looking for, but with time, effort, and Canadian experience, you’ll succeed.

There is also a little possibility that your employer will take advantage of the fact that you lack Canadian work experience by offering you a lesser pay scale.

So, Canadian experience is the key.

Surviving the cold weather 

Six to seven months of the year are extremely cold in Canada, and two to three of those months, in particular, can see lows of -25 to -30 degrees in Ontario.

Saskatchewan and other northern provinces have cooler temperatures. Canada can be extremely cold for about six months.

For example, the temperature in Ontario could drop to – 25 to -30 degrees for a few months, especially during January.

Moreover, the temperature is lower in northern provinces like Saskatchewan or Alberta. 

As a result, many people from warm climates struggle during the colder months. The first year is the hardest, but you get used to it as time passes. 

If at all possible, avoid travelling to Canada in the winter. Many people have never seen temperatures this low, so they do not know how cold Canada can get.

Winter often discourages many people as many leave Canada due to the weather.

One suggestion for solving this issue is to get more involved in winter sports like hockey, ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding.

Having financial difficulties 

It is important to understand that not everyone in Canada is wealthy; although it is a wonderful place to live, it is not simple to accumulate wealth.

Recently, inflation in Canada has increased significantly with increase in price of groceries and gas.

It is challenging since you will need to spend a lot of money on the settlement and pay a lot of taxes simultaneously.

There’s a great misconception if you think you can immigrate to Canada and get extremely wealthy quickly.

You’ll have a lot of work, and some people can’t stand it. They find it too challenging, so some start thinking about leaving the country.

However, it’s critical to remember not to become depressed. This country is still a land of opportunity, and most of its citizens are successful.

Many successful immigrants have made incredible money simply by relocating to Canada, proving they give time and effort to grow and adjust to the country. 

Becoming homesick

Being apart from home is difficult. It’s not always possible for newcomers to board a plane and see their families and friends.

Sometimes you might not have the funds or the time to return home. Not to mention that many immigrants arrive in Canada unaccompanied before they may bring their families.

Most of these people experience feelings of alienation and loneliness. Occasionally, they are forced to say goodbye to their loved ones back home, including their spouses, children, and parents.

Moving to a foreign nation where you know no one can be challenging. It can be a strong reason for a new immigrant to depart Canada.

Difficulty in starting over 

Starting over is rarely a pleasant experience for anyone. However, it is necessary to understand that even if you hold a managerial position in your home country, you might need to start from the beginning in Canada.

Having prior experience would undoubtedly give you an advantage, but it does not mean you find a managerial position from the beginning. 

Once you gather Canadian experience, you can grow and find other opportunities, but it would be unrealistic to find everything immediately after you land. 

However, the key is not to give up when things are challenging, especially at first.

Many people struggle under pressure, which makes them depressed and unable to start over and improve their lives. 

Having health issues

Even when people are healthy in Canada, they occasionally receive a serious medical diagnosis.

Although they could receive the therapy in Canada, it might make more sense for them to receive it there with the assistance of friends and family.

Additionally, they could need to return home if a family member suffers from a serious illness or if they have to care for their ageing parents.

In this case, they can sponsor their parent, but the application process is time-consuming, and not everyone is qualified to sponsor.

Expensive real estate and rentals 

In a few Canadian cities, real estate can be pretty pricey. For example, expect to pay two to three million dollars for a tiny house if you travel to Toronto or Vancouver.

People frequently work hard and cannot purchase the home of their dreams, especially in large areas like Toronto and Vancouver.

Not only are immigrants affected by this issue, but many Canadians also struggle to pay the high cost of housing in Canada’s major cities. 

Similarly, rents are becoming increasingly high as there is a growing demand for housing and many struggles to find affordable housing in Canada. 

Expensive public health and medical treatment 

Although public health care is free in Canada, it does not cover everything. Remember that it is your responsibility to purchase any prescription drugs.

In addition, the public health system does not cover dentists. Therefore, you should expect to pay a high amount if you require complicated treatments.

Sometimes, booking a flight, returning home, and receiving dental care may be less expensive. 

Another intriguing fact is that, in Canada, it’s typical to see the nurse first and the doctor later, depending on the situation.

For example, if you’re ill, your doctor will see you for ten minutes before writing you a prescription to address your medical problems.

Moreover, there are long wait times for getting medical appointments. Even if you have to go to an emergency room, there can be 3-4 hours of waiting. 


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