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Study In Canada – Here Are The Most Common Pros & Cons

Study in Canada – Canada is one of the leading names, which comes to mind when someone thinks of studying abroad.

According to a Survey hosted in 2019, Canada was home to nearly 600 thousand International Students from Across the Globe and the numbers are increasing exceptionally.

But not everyone is aware of the pros and cons of moving to Canada as an international student seeking permanent adobe.

Here are 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages of moving to Canada as an international student:


1. Quality of Education

Undoubtedly Canada is a country known for its Quality of Education. The Government of Canada Spends a Big Amount of its Budget to Provide a Higher level of education to its students and Multiple Universities in Canada Rank in the Top 100 Universities in the World.

2. Cultural Exposure

Being home to students from around the globe, Canada provides students with worldly exposure to cultures and communities. So, it’s an ideal place to stay, and it draws a broad range of constituents.

3. Cost of Living

Compared with other Big Countries like the USA, UK, and Australia, Canada provides much more affordable education, and the general cost of living in Canada is also lower than in these countries as the Average Cost of Living in Canada is between 1000-2000 CAD.

4. Employment Opportunities

While studying, international students can work 20 hours/week in Canada, which goes up to 40 hours/week during school breaks. Students have multiple jobs to select from and also on-campus jobs in Canada are much easier to get.

The Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) allows the students to work in the country after completion of their studies.

5. Standard Of Living

Canada has a higher standard compared to many other countries. Many students who study there prefer to permanently settle in the country. Canada is a beautiful country, having amazing infrastructure and natural beauty, and falling for such a country is relatively easy for anyone.

I still remember words of someone when I moved to Canada. You can live a lavish lifestyle exactly similar to the corrupt politicians in Asian countries having net worth of billions, if you are hard working.


1. Climate

The climate of Canada may not be favorable for everybody. Winters, especially in the northern territories, last for up to 8 months.

During winters, the temperature tends to linger between -5 to -20 Celsius.

These freezing winters can sometimes halt students to carry out some of their daily routine tasks, given that you have to rely on wait times for public transport.

Chilling wind passing through your knees, I can still feel during my college days while waiting for my bus.

2. Healthcare

Canada does provide appreciable Healthcare treatments, but it is not the case with the time.

One has to wait a long before they get their treatment, even you may need to wait for up to 1 month to get a diagnostic testing.

Furthermore, sometimes people have to wait months before they can finally get their treatment done in big cities of Canada such as MTV area (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver).

3. Immigration Rules

Canada is a welcoming country for everyone, but if you are moving to Canada, you have to get through a long list of requirements before you finally reach your dream country.

Even after fulfilling those requirements, you can still be unreasonably rejected with an auto-templated refusal letter which you may find totally vague.

But once you have completed this challenging immigration process, the doors of this beautiful country will be open for you.

4. Limited Working Hours

You can only work 20 hours per week as an international student in Canada. This can limit your earnings. Although, students work on cash, but that cash pay is really low and unreasonable for students.

Either IRCC should allow additional hours or Employers should recall their student life.

One of this needs to happen so that students can earn their livelihood in Canada.

Simple humanitarian rule is, let them earn what they work for.

5. Low Graduation Rates

As Canada is famous for its high acceptance rates, it is also known for its low graduation rates. This has to relate to the point number 4 mentioned above.

A report published in year 2018, showed high 31% dropout rates in some parts of Canada.

When a student is paid less on cash, they have to work more hours to earn. As a result, they are not able to concentrate on their studies.

Additionally, they select the study courses as per the consultants in their home country rather than their interests.


Canada can be home to endless possibilities and career opportunities. It gives freedom of life to individuals and gives them a chance to mold their life in their manner and become self-dependent.

Finally, as there is no reward without making some sacrifices, these disadvantages can also be overlooked if someone wants to live their life in their way and accord.


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