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Quebec Launched New Detailed Information Section For International Students!

On October 13, Quebec announced special section of international students on their website. This section will now provide all the information for students from starting study until getting settled in the province. This section is a guide for detailed requirements about applying study visa including CAQ (Québec Acceptance Certificate) until getting permanent residency for students. This section says “Everything you need to know about the process to come and study in Quebec.

This new section presents all of the useful information for applicants who wish to apply for temporary selection for studies in order to come and stay in Québec to study. There are multiple sub-sections under this section, which further has sub-sections for detailed information.

As per this section, CAQ will be processing in 20 working days, if it’s complete. This processing time starts when:

  • Your application for temporary selection for studies; 
  • The payment of the fees required to process your application;
  • Required documents for your application.  

This section also provides the information on fees. For e.g., it clearly says that fees is adjusted on January 1 of every year. At this time fee is $117 (non-refundable), but it will change on January 1, 2022.

You can also find out required conditions to study in Québec in this new section. Sub-section clearly says to study in Québec, you must respect the following conditions: 

  • Be admitted to a designated educational institution in Québec; 
  • Demonstrate your financial capacity to assume the costs of living and studying in Québec; 
  • Pay the fees required to process your application; 
  • Commit to respecting all the conditions of your Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). 

This new section will also help you in finding complete details on:

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