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New Ontario Place Plan

New Ontario Place Design 2023 | Here Is All You Need To Know

Last Updated On 18 April 2023, 9:06 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

Today, new Ontario place plan with confirmation on moving the Ontario science centre has been released by premier, Doug Ford.

The Ontario Science Centre will relocate to a specially constructed, cutting-edge building in addition to the historic Cinesphere and Pod complex, which has been maintained and improved.

When Ontario Place is completely renovated, it will generate millions of dollars in additional income for the government.

Finally, something new interesting and intriguing will happen in Toronto, but it may take some time.

Toronto is well-known across the world famous for iconic CN Tower and lot more, but with new Ontario Place, we hope it will return the craze for T.O.

Ontario place new design

Water’s Edge

By extending the William G. Davis route throughout the whole property, The Water’s Edge will expand the public’s access to the shoreline.

It is suggested that additional elements, such as natural stone terraces, piers, and vantage platforms, increase access to the sea.

Brigantine Cove

New Ontario Place Design - Cove

Brigantine Cove will have a canoe/kayak launch, a play town for youngsters, floating wetlands, a small beach, and a new boardwalk.

Shoreline restoration and naturalization along the south border of Brigantine Cove, featuring a new public boardwalk and floating wetlands, will provide a tranquil and welcome green environment for people to enjoy all year.


Cultural and community activities, such as concerts, fairs, art festivals, and celebrations, will be permitted in the Forum. During the summer, guests will be able to splash about and cool down in a unique and interactive one-acre all-season play fountain.

A playground featuring interactive fountains and splash pads, surrounded by trees and natural seats. It will also function as a community and cultural event venue all year.


The marina will be revitalized to serve as a destination for waterside eateries, boating amenities, and cultural events.

Ontario will consult with the market on options to transform the marina into the focal point of the Ontario Place redevelopment, including additional retail, restaurants, cafés, and family-friendly activities.

The marina will be modernized, allowing tourists and boaters to enjoy the sea and make memories for future generations.

The revitalized marina will be a place for gatherings, celebrations, and family fun once more.

New potential for cafés, restaurants, and cultural activities around the marina, including year-round waterside eating.


The mainland will create place for everyone to enjoy a new Ontario Place Plaza that will welcome all visitors to the site, as well as a new public, year-round promenade along the whole mainland shoreline.

This will be a one-of-a-kind event and festival location with pavilions and an urban beach.

Upgraded transportation and people movers will connect Ontario Place to the Ontario Line subway terminus at Exhibition Place.

New Ontario Place Design Broad Shots

This proposed design depicts 12 acres of new public space and landscaping on West Island, including a new public beach, a public waterside walk, cultural event spaces, and new aquatic ecosystems.

Toronto’s Ontario place is turning into futuristic city with new designs. This is the view of Therme Canada from the north-east, with the West Island event space in the foreground.

Official Ontario Government News Release

It will also bring innovative science-based educational programmes to the centre of Ontario Place, motivating young people to pursue careers in the future while igniting curiosity and creativity in a new generation of visitors.

Additionally, the province is finalising a deal with Live Nation that will result in the construction of a brand-new, year-round performance arena.

The brand-new amphitheatre will welcome 20,000 spectators to an all-season facility, doubling its capacity while simultaneously safeguarding its cherished grassy amphitheatre and building on 25 years of memories.

The province is actively talking about collaboration prospects with Ontario Live to deliver family-friendly, top-notch social, hospitality, and entertainment services as part of the worldwide Call for Development to revive Ontario Place, which started in 2019.

The team at Ontario Live, which has been providing food, drink, and entertainment at Exhibition Place for the City of Toronto since 2004, is made up of renowned experts in their industries, including LiUNA, skilled architects, and is in a fantastic position to help realize this exciting idea.

Furthermore, a total of 5,000 new jobs will be generated by the renovation of Ontario Place, both during the building phase and during the ongoing operations phase.

Additionally, it is expected to bring in millions of dollars in additional revenue for the province and draw between four and six million tourists each year.

In addition, Ontario is recommending fresh architectural styles for upcoming public areas, such as those on the East Island and the West Island’s extended shoreline, which were made feasible by Therme Canada’s renovations.

Indigenous culture and place-keeping elements are included in the proposals, which also show how the property would be improved and revitalized with new public paths, parkland, beaches, and swimming places with easier access to the coastline.

A new and enhanced public marina at Ontario Place will also be discussed by the government with the market.

This marina will have family-friendly activities, eating, and retail options, making it a year-round gathering spot for people to enjoy the outdoors.

A futuristic underground public parking structure with electric bus and automobile chargers will be incorporated with the new Ontario Science Centre.

A direct connection between Ontario Place and the Exhibition grounds and the Ontario Line subway is made possible by the addition of additional pedestrian and bicycle lanes as well as new modes of transportation.

People will benefit from an unparalleled range of options and ease when it comes to how they get to Ontario Place to enjoy enjoyment for everyone, along with the new and renovated marina and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport being nearby.

The relocation of the Ontario Science Centre also opens up space for multigenerational housing near the potential location of a terminal station for the new Ontario Line with additional community facilities planned.

In order to take advantage of this new opportunity and maybe improve the housing situation in the community, the province will collaborate with the City of Toronto.

Full details on the Ontario Science Centre’s relocation will still be provided on a later date.

Source: Ontario Government


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