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New minimum wage in british columbia

New Minimum Wage In British Columbia Effective June 1

New minimum wage in British Columbia will increase from $15.65 to $16.75 per hour effective June 1, 2023.

This $1.10 raise in British Columbia’s new minimum wage is just near to our expectation posted last week.

British Columbia official press release confirms the raise in the minimum legal hourly wage even $0.25 cents higher than our expectation.

New minimum wage in British Columbia effective June 1, 2023 will be the second highest minimum wage in Canada and even higher than Ontario’s minimum wage that is scheduled to go up in October 2023.

YearLowest Hourly Wage
Effective June 1, 2023$16.75
B.C. Minimum Wage Raises Since 2015

Live-in camp leaders are paid a daily rate for each day or part day worked.

  • June 1, 2023 – $133.69
  • June 1, 2022 – $125.06

Live-in home support workers are paid a daily rate.

  • As of June 1, 2023, the daily rate will be $124.73 per day or part day worked
  • The current daily rate is $116.68 per day or part day worked

Resident caretakers for a building with nine to 60 residential suites:

  • June 1, 2023 – $1,002.53 per month plus $40.17 for each suite
  • June 1, 2022 – $937.82 per month plus $37.58 for each suite

Resident caretakers for a building with 61 or more residential suites:

  • June 1, 2023 – $3,414.85 per month
  • June 1, 2022 – $3,194.43 per month

Ontario is also set to increase their minimum wage in October 1, 2023, but will stay 20 cents lesser than B.C.’s.

The increase in the wage is based on the 6.9% average inflation rate in British Columbia in 2022. This equates to $1.08 per hour, or 6.9% of the current minimum wage.

The increase in wage will be $1.10 per hour, rounded to the closest nickel, as is customary in British Columbia and other jurisdictions, from $15.65 to $16.75.

The raise will benefit around 150,000 workers earning less than $16.75.

Many include food service employees, grocery store workers, retail workers, and other workers who were critical throughout the epidemic.

Overall, the wages in British Columbia has risen from one of the lowest in the country to one of the highest. In 2015, this wage was just $10.45 per hour.

New minimum wage of $16.65 came in effect on April 1, 2023 across Canada for federally regulated sectors.

Furthermore, 5 Canadian provinces also increased their minimum wages on April 1, 2023.

Now all the Canadian provinces have increased or announced increase in their wages this year except for Alberta and Nunavut.

Once Alberta used to have the highest minimum hourly wage in Canada, but the province did not increase it since 2018.

We are expecting that Wild Rose Country will also be increasing their wage in 2023.

Official Minimum Wages In Canada and Next Raise Schedule

GeographyMinimum Wage Per HourNext Raise DateMinimum Wage
after Next Raise
Canada (Federally regulated private sectors)$16.65April 1, 2024$17.75 (estimated)
Ontario$15.50October 1, 2023$16.55
Manitoba $14.15October 1, 2023$15.30
New Brunswick $14.75April 1, 2024 (Expected)$15.50 (estimated)
Nova Scotia $14.50October 1, 2023$15
Saskatchewan$13.00October 1, 2023$15
Newfoundland & Labrador$14.50October 1, 2023$15
Alberta $15.00To Be Decided (TBD)TBD
British Columbia $15.65$16.75June 1, 2023
Quebec $14.25May 1, 2023$15.25
Nunavut$16.00To Be Decided (TBD)TBD
Prince Edward Island$14.50October 1, 2023$15
Northwest Territories $15.20September 1, 2023$16 (estimated)
Yukon$16.77April 1, 2024$17.50(estimated)

Real Living Wage in British Columbia

The living wage is defined as what someone must earn in order to cover the true expenses of living in their community, and it is based on community-specific information.

new minimum wage in British Columbia
B.C. CommunityLiving Wage
Haida Gwaii$25.87
Salt Spring Island$24.36
Sunshine Coast$24.30
Greater Victoria$24.29
Cowichan Valley$23.53
Powell River$23.33
Prince Rupert$22.69
Columbia Valley$21.85
Prince George$21.19
Castlegar $20.54
Dawson Creek$20.53
Comox Valley$20.26
Grand Forks$20.05
Fraser Valley$18.98

Is B.C. minimum wage going up in 2023?

The general minimum wage in British Columbia will increase from $15.65 to $16.75 per hour on June 1, 2023, benefiting the province’s lowest-paid workers.

What is the living wage in BC?

$24.08 is the living wage for Metro Vancouver and $24.29 for Greater Victoria.

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