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Most dangerous cities in Canada

Most Dangerous Cities In Canada 2023 | Check Out New List

Most Dangerous Cities In Canada: Canada is known for its welcoming charm, friendly citizens, and stunning natural beauty.

However, just like in any other country, crime exists. Despite this, Canada remains one of the safest countries in the world, with a relatively low crime rate compared to other countries.

The Crime Severity Index (CSI) is used to measure police-reported crime in Canada.

This index quantifies the relative number and severity of crimes in different parts of Canada, giving a severity-weighted statistic.

The country-wide CSI measure has stabilized in recent years, dropping by 7% from 2019 to 2020, with a value of 73.1 in 2021.

8 Canadian cities are listed among the top 100 cities in the world, with highest crime index, according to the worldwide statistics database Numbeo.

The rankings take into account each position’s “Crime Index,” an evaluation of the total level of crime over the previous 36 months.

When considering high and low crime areas, places with scores below 20 are considered to have very low crime rates, while those with scores of 20 to 40 have low crime rates.

Similarly, places with scores of 40 to 60 have moderate crime levels, while crime rates between 60 and 80 are considered high.

Areas with scores of 80 or above are thought to have significantly high crime levels.

Each city also receives a “Safety Index,” indicating how risky it is for visitors and locals.

It’s worth noting that even in the most dangerous cities in Canada, the crime rate is still relatively low compared to other countries.

So, while it’s important to be aware of these areas, it’s important to remember that Canada remains a safe place overall.

If you’re considering moving to Canada or visiting the country, it’s important to be informed and aware of your surroundings.

By doing so, you can enjoy all that Canada has to offer while staying safe and secure.

8 Most Dangerous Cities in Canada

Here is a list of eight high-risk cities in Canada listed among the World’s top 100 cities with highest crime index.

1. Surrey, British Columbia: Surrey has an overall crime index of 63.8 with high rise in drug-related crimes such as possession with and without intent to distribute.

Mostly, drug-related assaults, have seen a marked increase in Surrey.

2. Lethbridge, Alberta: Lethbridge has a Crime index of 62.3 overall, with a violent crime rate of 133.8 and a nonviolent crime rate of 154.0, which is above Alberta’s CSI of 101.36.

Drug-related issues related to the ongoing opioid crisis are the most common occurrences of crime.

3. Kelowna, British Columbia: Kelowna has a high crime index of 61.6 with crime rate of 141.9, violent crime rate of 124.3, and a nonviolent crime rate of 148.0.

This is well above what’s typical for British Columbia’s major cities. The most commonly reported crimes in and outside Kelowna’s metro area are theft and vandalism.

4. Red Deer, Alberta: Red Deer has an above-average crime index at 61.2 with crime rate of 176.4, violent crime rate of 175.7, and nonviolent crime rate of 176.2, which is many points above Alberta’s average.

5. Sudbury, Ontario: Petty crimes in Sudbury have been steadily declining for the last three years, according to the VCSI, but violent crimes have increased.

Sudbury has crime index of 60.7. In 2021, Sudbury recorded the fourth-highest homicide rate in Canada.

6. Oshawa, Ontario: Also known as the “automotive capital of Canada” due to the presence of several automotive companies, has a moderate level of crime with a crime index of 55.08.

While it is considered one of the vibrant cities in Canada, it experiences relatively high levels of vandalism and petty theft, often linked to drug use and dealing

7. Sault Ste. Marie: Aggravated assault and theft are issues that have been reported in the city keeping the city among world’s top 100 cities based on crime index of 59.2.

In addition, there is a prevalent threat of drug-related crimes such as drug use and dealing, as well as vandalism, which are causes for concern in the area.

8. Winnipeg, Manitoba: This city has a high overall crime rate of 58.9 crimes per 100,000 people and the second-highest murder rate in Canada.

Although most murders are related to drug and gang activity, crimes like muggings, robberies, and assaults are common in Winnipeg.

Full List Of Canadian Cities With Crime & Safety Index

World RankCityCrime IndexSafety Index
51Surrey, Canada63.836.2
65Lethbridge, AB, Canada62.337.7
74Kelowna, Canada61.638.4
77Red Deer, Canada61.238.8
79Sudbury, Canada60.739.3
84Oshawa, Canada59.840.2
88Sault Ste. Marie, Canada59.240.8
89Winnipeg, Canada59.240.8
107Abbotsford, Canada55.844.2
119Kamloops, Canada55.045.0
121Hamilton, Canada55.045.0
122Brampton, Canada54.945.1
134London, Canada53.646.4
142Regina, Canada52.747.3
148Nanaimo, BC, Canada52.347.7
165Saskatoon, Canada49.850.2
192Moncton, Canada47.452.6
194St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada47.152.9
195Edmonton, Canada47.152.9
207Windsor, Canada46.153.9
210St.Catharines, Canada45.954.1
229Mississauga, Canada43.256.8
231Vaughan, Canada43.057.0
235Toronto, Canada42.457.6
243Halifax, Canada41.658.4
245Kitchener, Canada41.558.5
253Victoria, Canada40.759.3
254Vancouver, Canada40.659.4
281Kingston, Canada37.962.1
287Calgary, Canada37.162.9
309Guelph, Canada34.465.6
329Montreal, Canada31.868.2
345Burlington, Canada30.169.9
351Waterloo, Canada29.770.3
352Ottawa, Canada29.570.5
359Richmond Hill, Canada28.072.0
360Markham, Canada27.972.1
379Oakville, Canada25.974.1
401Coquitlam, Canada23.276.8
422Quebec City, Canada16.483.6
Canadian Cities Crime & Safety IndexSource: Numbeo

Cities with the highest crime rates in the world

Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, continues to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world. It has earned this reputation due to its high crime rates and low safety scores.

Following Caracas, cities like Pretoria, Durban, and Johannesburg in South Africa have also been identified as extremely unsafe areas with safety scores of 19 or less. These cities are also known to have very high crime rates.

What are the most dangerous cities in Canada according to the Crime Index and Safety Index?

Surrey, Lethbridge, Kelowna, Red Deer, Sudbury, Oshawa, Sault Ste. Marie, and Winnipeg are the most dangerous cities in Canada based on the Crime Index.

What are the most dangerous cities in Ontario?

While Canada is a safe place overall, there are some cities with high crime rate. In Ontario, the eight most dangerous cities include:

1. Thunder Bay
2. North Bay
3. Peterborough
4. Brockville
5. Owen Sound
6. Port Hope
7. Orillia
8. Pembroke

What is the Crime Severity Index (CSI) and how is it used to measure crime in Canada?

The Crime Severity Index (CSI) is a tool used to measure police-reported crime in Canada.

It quantifies the relative number and severity of crimes in different parts of Canada, giving a severity-weighted statistic.

The country-wide CSI measure has stabilized in recent years, dropping by 7% from 2019 to 2020, with a value of 73.1 in 2021.

Which province has the highest crime rate in Canada?

Ontario has been identified as having the highest crime rate, with a Crime Severity Index (CSI) score of 88.3 according to the Canada Crime Index.


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Most dangerous cities in Canada