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Latest Update From VFS On New Biometric Slots!

VFS Global provided an update on opening of new biometric appointment slots in India, for Canada visa applicants. Yesterday night, High Commission of Canada in India shared via their social media platforms that VACs in India will offer new additional slots for biometric appointments starting October 1. As a result, a lot of applicants visited VFS website to book appointments. Due to heavy load on VFS website, most of the applicants were unable to book the appointment.

VFS Global in their latest tweet 3 hours ago acknowledged this “increased traffic” on their “appointment booking system” and requested the visa applicants to remain “patient.” Furthermore, VFS shared that they will continue to avail the biometric appointment slots at regular intervals as per the directive from the High Commission of Canada.

You can book or reschedule your biometric appointment on the official website of VFS Global here. Our suggestion is to use incognito window to book the appointment as website might be having high load. You can contact VFS at +912267866002 if you are have issues scheduling your appointment.