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Latest Official Quarantine Requirements For Travel You Should Know!

Quarantine plan is mandatory for all the travelers to Canada, irrespective of their vaccination status or residency status needs this plan. Whether you are a Canadian citizen/PR or Temporary Resident, you need to show quarantine plan at airport. However, fully vaccinated travelers don’t require to quarantine after entering Canada, if they are asymptomatic and their vaccination proof is valid, but still they need a quarantine plan. Without a quarantine plan, you will be denied entry to Canada.

This article we will give you full guide on quarantine plan as per Government of Canada regulations.

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Place of Stay For Quarantine:

As we all know you need to have a place where you can quarantine for 14 days or longer. Apart from this you need to declare that you will be able to have food and basic necessities delivered to your door without any contact. You can ask a family member or friend to leave food/groceries outside your door.

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Places Eligible For Quarantine:

  • Apartment or condo
  • House or cabin
  • Hotel or motel
  • Student residence at a designated learning institution

Places Not Eligible For Quarantine:

  • Industrial camp
  • Group residence (nursing home, residential treatment facility)
  • Hostel
  • Construction trailer
  • Residential care or long-term care facility

Can You Share Quarantine Plan With Fellow Travelers:

You can share plan with people you usually live with and have travelled with. They can be your friend or family with same address.

You cannot share your plan with people you have travelled with, but don’t usually live with.

Can You Quarantine At Your Family or Friends Place You Live With In Canada:

You can quarantine with people whom you usually live with in Canada, IF any of the residents:

  • IS NOT not aged 65 years or older
  • DOES NOT have underlying medical conditions
  • DOES NOT have compromised immune system
  • IS NOT a health care worker or professional, such as nurses, doctors, personal support workers, and developmental services support staff
  • IS NOT a first responder, such as paramedics
  • DOES NOT work, assist or volunteer in a facility, home or workplace for people at risk of more severe disease or outcomes
  • IS NOT an essential visitor or caregiver to a person at risk of more severe disease or outcomes

Apart from this, you will have to answer that you can completely avoid having any contact with residents.

Answering That You Can Avoid Contact During Quarantine Means You Will:
  • stay in separate room(s), including a separate sleeping area
  • use a separate bathroom (if possible)
  • not be in the same room as those you did not travel with, including kitchens and shared living spaces
  • not need to use shared spaces of your hotel or building, like:
    • lobbies
    • restaurants
    • gyms or pools
    • communal hallways