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Latest: Minimum Wage “Hiked” By 4 Provinces Of Canada!

A minimum wage is the lowest remuneration that employers can legally pay their employees in Canada. 4 provinces of Canada increased their minimum wage this week. As a result, employees working on minimum wage in these provinces, will now receive more pay for every hour worked.

Manitoba Minimum Wage:

Manitoba increased the minimum wage by only 5 cents from $11.90 to $11.95 per hour. This increase will be equal among all the employees in the province. This hike is line with the inflation rate of the province.

Ontario Minimum Wage:

Ontario only increased the wage by 10 cents. With this small increment, minimum wage in the province increased from $14.25 to $14.35. The minimum wage rates for students under 18 will also increase from $13.40 to $13.50. Furthermore, workers who serve alcohol and receive tips will also receive minimum remuneration of at least $12.55.  

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Employees in Newfoundland and Labrador also had a 25 cents raise in their minimum wage. Residents in the province will now be legally entitled to get $12.75 per hour for minimum wage work. Previously, minimum wage in the province was $12.50.


Employees in Saskatchewan benefited the most from increase in minimum wage. There was 36 cents raise for residents of Saskatchewan. With this increment, minimum wage in the province will increase from $11.45 to $11.81 per hour. Previously Saskatchewan had lowest minimum wage in Canada, but now it will be New Brunswick with minimum wage at $11.75.

Highest Minimum Wage In Canada:

Minimum wage is highest in Nunavut at $16 per hour. However, cost of living and groceries is higher in some places of Nunavut. Visit our new page for latest travel news.