Know Canada Weekly Earnings In All The Provinces

Overall, Canada has the weekly earnings of $1,180.21 as per latest data reported on January 26, 2023

Weekly Earnings In Canada 2023

Last Updated On 27 January 2023, 7:34 PM EST (Toronto Time)

On January 26, 2023 – Statistics Canada released latest data for average weekly earnings in Canada. They also released the industry-wise and province-wise weekly earnings data.

Overall average weekly earnings in Canada increased by 4.2% to $1,180.21.

The job openings fell in six provinces, with Newfoundland and Labrador losing the most (-35.3% to 5,500), followed by Manitoba (-26.5% to 20,600), and New Brunswick (-21.8% to 11,500).

Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta had lower proportionate drops, while the number of job openings in the remaining provinces remained stable.

Below listed are the industry-wise and province-wise weekly earnings in Canada and all the provinces.

Industry-Wise Weekly Earnings in Canada

IndustryAverage Weekly Earning
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction2362.28
Professional, scientific and technical services1634.13
Management of companies and enterprises1570.68
Information and cultural industries1567.12
Finance and insurance1556.47
Public administration1527.13
Wholesale trade1413.46
Forestry, logging and support1376.38
Real estate and rental and leasing1300.33
Transportation and warehousing1248.94
Educational services1171.70
Health care and social assistance1033.25
Other services (excluding public administration)993.70
Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services967.36
Arts, entertainment and recreation713.90
Retail trade700.82
Accommodation and food services469.85

Province-Wise Weekly Earnings in Canada

ProvinceAverage Weekly Earnings
Northwest Territories1579.40
Newfoundland and Labrador1178.30
British Columbia1177.45
New Brunswick1076.99
Nova Scotia1031.80
Prince Edward Island994.16

Which Canadian province has the highest weekly earnings?

Alberta has the average weekly earnings of $1,277.78 followed by Ontario at $1,203.64, Newfoundland and Labrador at $1,178.30, and British Columbia at $1,177.45.

How much is the weekly earnings in Canada?

Canada has the average weekly earnings of $1,180.21 as per latest data by Statistics Canada released on January 26, 2023.

How much is the weekly earnings in Ontario and British Columbia?

Ontario has the weekly earnings of $1,203.64, while British Columbia has average weekly earnings at $1,177.45

How much is the weekly earnings in Quebec?

Quebec has an average weekly earnings of $1,124.11

Source: Statistics Canada


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