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Canada Day

Know About Canada Day & PM Trudeau’s Message To Canadians

Last Updated On 1 July 2023, 10:41 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

What is Canada Day? Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st of every year and is informally referred to as “Canada’s birthday.”

However, Canada day is celebrated as anniversary of Canada’s full sovereignty.

Canada Day History

History dates back to July 1, 1867 with formation of Canadian confederation under the British North America Act of 1867.

This act resulted in Federal Dominion of Canada with joining of Canada colonies (Ontario & Quebec) with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

  • Year 1867 – Canada got independence from Britain.

  • Year 1879 – Federal law made July 1 as a statutory holiday, later named as Dominion Day.

  • October 27, 1982 – Dominion day officially became Canada Day

  • 2017 – Canada celebrated 150 years of independence.

  • 2023 – Canada celebrated 155 years of independence.

The enactment of British North America Act on July 1, 1867 was celebrated with the ringing of the bells at the Cathedral Church of St. James in Toronto.

And “bonfires, fireworks and illuminations, excursions, military displays and musical and other entertainments.”

July 1 was then celebrated every year as anniversary of Canadian confederation.

However, July 1 was named as “The Dominion Day” on May 15, 1879 and established as statutory holiday, but it was not dominant in the national calendar.

In 1946, Philéas Côté, introduced a private member’s bill in the House of Commons to rename Dominion Day as Canada Day.

But, Senate returned the bill with recommendation to rename it as The National Holiday of Canada. As a result bill was not passed.

On July 9, 1982 the holiday was officially renamed after a private member’s bill was passed 2 years after its first reading.

Followed by which Senate showed strong resistance, but eventually bill was passed. As a result, on October 27, 1982 holiday was officially named as The Canada Day after the granting of Royal Assent.

Canadian PM Message On Canada Day

Today (July 1), we all Canadians celebrate Canada day. Prime Minister Trudeau shared below message for all Canadians Coast-To-Coast.

“No matter where you are, July 1 is an opportunity for us all to celebrate the country we call home, the people we share it with, and the future we’re building together.

“We can – and we should – take pride in all those things. After all, Canada is the envy of the world: people fleeing violence and persecution dream of a life here, businesses open headquarters in our cities and manufacturing plants in our towns, and world leaders look to us for leadership in times of crisis.

“Wherever our flag flies, it’s recognized as a symbol of democracy, of freedom, and of hope. It represents the values we all hold dear. And it is a promise. A promise of a country where newcomers are welcomed with open arms, where differences are celebrated and diversity is embraced, a country where you’re free to be who you are and love whom you love, where everyone has a real and fair chance at success, and a country where we acknowledge historical wrongs and learn from the past in order to build a better future – for everyone.

“Canada has withstood incredible challenges throughout our history, and we’ve always made it through by working hard together and staying true to our values. We did it when our grandparents stood up to fascism on the beaches of Normandy and across Europe. We’re doing it now when we step up to help those affected by wildfires. And we do it every day when we take a stand against hatred and discrimination.

“We are from far and wide, but united we are 40 million strong – and there is no challenge we cannot overcome together. So today, let’s celebrate each other, and let’s celebrate as we continue to build this great country. And let’s continue to seize every opportunity we can to make this country even better for our children and our children’s children.

“Happy Canada Day, everyone!”


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