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Job experience letter for Canada

Job Experience Letter For Canada – Know Full Details To Include

Last Updated On 11 March 2023, 9:49 AM EST (Toronto Time)

Job experience letter is an essential part of your permanent residency application for Canada. Whether you apply through Express Entry, PNP or come on a work permit, you will need an employer reference letter to evidence your previous work experience. 

Moreover, there are certain Canadian immigration specifications that your letter needs to match if you want to claim points for your work experience in the Express Entry system. 

In this article, you will learn about the details your reference letter should include, along with common mistakes and alternatives to reference letters. 

Details to include in a job reference letter 

For IRCC to verify your employment history, your employer reference letter should include the following information. 

  • Company information, including company name and address 
  • Printed on the company’s official letterhead
  • Your Full name 
  • All positions held while employed 
  • Supervisor name, position and contact details 
  • Main duties of all positions 
  • Duration and dates of each held position
  • Annual salary 
  • Employment duration 
  • The number of hours worked each week
  • Dates you worked at the company 

Common mistakes on job reference letters 

One of the most common mistakes is when your reference letters do not include your main duties. While evaluating your application, IRCC uses your NOC’s description and duties you assess your application. 

Therefore, to ensure that you get points for your experience, check if your reference letter includes your main duties, which align with your NOC’s description and main duties. 

Additionally, if you have a new job offer while your permanent residency application is processing, make sure that you update your profile according to the new job offer.

Another critical point to remember is that from November 16, IRCC will implement the use of the new NOC 2021 to assess all applications. 

Alternatives to the employment reference letter 

A job reference letter is the most suitable evidence you can provide to claim points.

However, in circumstances where the company is no longer operating or your point of contact is not with the company anymore, there are certain alternatives you can consider. 

The following is alternative evidence that may help your application: 

  • Pay stubs 
  • Tax forms 
  • Offer of employment 
  • Personal letters from co-workers 
  • Bank statements with pay deposits 
  • Any media references with your name on the company can include social media posts welcoming you as a new hire 
  • Affidavit from your former supervisor or co-worker, including their official ID and business cards 
  • Include a letter explaining why you could not get a job reference letter. 

Lastly, include any evidence you think will help strengthen your application if you are missing a job reference letter. Remember to refer to the new NOC 2021 while you self-assess your application. 


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