IRCC Now Need Authorized Leave Documentation For PGWP!


On January 10, 2022 – IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) posted “Program delivery update” for Post-graduation work permit (PGWP) eligibility requirements, in reference to authorized leave documentation.

This program delivery update section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by IRCC staff. Here is the exact verbatim on IRCC’s website:

“The following information has been added to the instructions: if an applicant for a post-graduation work permit has received authorization from their designated learning institution (DLI) to take leave during their studies, they must include documentation proving the authorization in their application.”

This is applicable to those international students who might have taken or may take leave during their studies.

As per IRCC’s website, there are a few cases a student may be able to take a leave of up to a maximum of 150 days from their studies and still be considered to be actively pursuing your studies.

It counts as authorized leave if:

  1. your school has authorized a leave from your study program for:
    • medical reasons or pregnancy
    • family emergency
    • death or serious illness of a family member
    • any other type of leave your school authorizes
  2. your school has closed permanently or because of a strike
  3. you’ve changed schools
  4. you or your school deferred your program start date
    • In this case, you must start your studies the next semester, even if it starts sooner than 150 days, and get an updated letter of acceptance.

As per the new update, at the time of PGWP application, you must provide a documentation proving that your leave was authorized by your DLI.

This will only be applicable to the above mentioned condition #1. Failing to provide this documentation, IRCC officers can reject PGWP applications.

This instruction is only available to IRCC staff, but it has not been updated in the PGWP document checklist or general conditions under authorized leave.

Rather this update was only provided in instructions to IRCC officers.


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