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IRCC Is Considering To Extend TR to PR Healthcare Stream!

IRCC has a target of welcoming 401,000 new permanent residents this year. Approximately 70% of the immigrants admitted this year were temporary residents in Canada. In an interview with Reuters on Thursday (Oct 21), Immigration Minister of Canada Hon’ble Marco Mendicino indicated that they may extend the deadline for a TR to PR Healthcare stream. Apart from this, they are also considering to include refugee claimants for this stream.

It’s important to mention here that approximately 5500-5600 applications were received under TR to PR Healthcare stream. However, the target 20,000 under this stream. This pathway was announced in April and last date to apply for TR to PR pathway is November 5, 2021. Given this, IRCC is considering to extend the deadline date as this stream is short of more than 14,000 spots. Download the list of 40 eligible occupations for healthcare stream here.


Will There Be Another TR to PR pathway next year?

Moving forward as reported by Reuters, Minister also said that he is considering expanding “future versions” of the program to include refugee claimants, who get work permits while awaiting a verdict on their claims. This indicates that there is going to be “future versions” of this pathway, so we may see another TR to PR pathway accepting applications next year. Previously, Ontario has mentioned that they are in the need of temporary foreign workers. In August, Quebec signed a deal with the federal government for allowing more temporary foreign workers.

“I think we should keep an open mind as to whether or not we should extend (the deadline). I am always going to keep an open mind about searching for whatever policy promotes the greatest outcomes for our refugees, our immigrants and our country and its economy. I firmly believe immigration status should not be used to exploit any individual. The ability to transition from temporary to permanent status can be one of the factors that strengthens the relationship between the employer and the employee by creating more of a balance.”

Marco Mendicino (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister)

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