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Last Updated On 4 March 2023, 8:52 PM EST (Toronto Time)

International students have temporary status in Canada. Therefore, study permit holders must follow certain conditions to maintain student status in Canada.

Failure to maintain student status can result in the refusal of the next immigration application.

For example, your subsequent study or work permit application might be refused.

In addition, students may be asked to leave Canada and be forbidden to enter for 5 years, in case of hiding or providing false information.

This article discusses how to ensure that your student status is maintained in Canada. 

Actively Pursue Studies 

As a student, you must remain enrolled at a designated learning institution to ensure that you are actively pursuing your studies.

Moreover, you must demonstrate progress toward your studies and not take any authorized leaves longer than 150 days from your program.  

Notify IRCC When Changing DLI

You need to notify IRCC when you change schools. For example, suppose your study permit application is in progress.

In that case, you can inform IRCC that you will be changing schools by submitting a web form.

However, if your application is approved, you must submit a new study permit application with an updated letter of acceptance.

In addition, you must inform IRCC of any changes in your study permit conditions. 

Work Authorization 

Your study permit will state conditions under which you can work. For example, your study permit will say “May accept employment…” and “May not accept employment…”

So, you must read and adhere to the conditions mentioned on your study permit. 

Furthermore, there are different rules for working on and off-campus. For example, there is no limit on the number of hours for on-campus employment.

However, you can work only 20 hours per week off campus provided that you are enrolled full time and will earn a degree, diploma, or certificate. 

Study Permit Expiration 

Your study permit will mention an expiration date when you must leave Canada. Typically, your study permit will expire after 90 days of completing your studies.

However, you can apply for a study permit extension if you are not done with your studies. You will need to apply for another study permit if you do additional courses. 

Lastly, understanding the rules and regulation around study permit are essential as failure to maintain student status will impact all future applications in Canada.


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international student
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