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Know How to Change DLI Or Course After Landing in Canada

Last Updated On 12 May 2023, 10:16 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

If you are looking to change DLI (Designated Learning Institute) or course after landing in Canada, don’t worry we have got you covered. 

As an international student, you have the right to change your college/university and course as long as you have a valid visa or study permit. 

However, you need to inform Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) of any changes that you make to your DLI or course.

If you are planning to change or have stopped studying at your current college/university, you need to start your course in another DLI within 150 days.

If you do not do so, it is considered a non-compliance with your study permit conditions.

You need to inform IRCC any time you decide to change your post-secondary school. However, you do not need to change your study permit. 

To change your DLI or course-

  • An online account. You need to create an online account and link your application in case you applied for a study permit on paper.
  • Study permit number. You can find this number on the top right of the permit. It begins with the letter “S”. Also, you may be asked for a few details for security purposes. So, keep the details ready.
  • New DLI number. You need to have your new school’s DLI number, which you can find on the IRCC website. 
  • Student ID. You need your new Student Identification Number. This is available on the acceptance letter.
  • Start date at new school.  

Note- Applying for a change in DLI or course is very easy. You don’t need a representative to do it even if you used one to apply. However, you need to have study permit application details.

How to do it?
Listed below is a step by step procedure to change your DLI and Course-
  • Sign in to your account online.
  • Click on Transfer from DLI number under Designated Learning Institution Student Transfer.
  • Submit your study permit application number and click on Search for my application
  • If needed, put in more details about your original study permit application. This helps IRCC identify your application.  
  • Put in your DLI number, your new Student ID number, and your start date at your new school. After that click on Submit Transfer.
  • Make sure all the details of your transfer are correct. Once you’ve done that click on Confirm Transfer.  
  • You will see the confirmation that your request is complete. You can now sign out of your account. 
Moving to Quebec

If your new DLI is in Quebec and your previous one was outside Quebec, you will need to get a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). You need a CAQ for any level of education, including primary. 

Also, once you get that, you need to follow the same procedure to inform IRCC about the change. 

Click here for more information on changing DLI.

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