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High Demand Jobs In British Columbia That Pay Up To $30/hour

High Demand Jobs In British Columbia That Pay Up To $30/hour

Last Updated On 23 July 2023, 9:15 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

This article gives a list of high demand jobs in British Columbia that pay up to $30 per hour to help our readers make good decisions about their careers.

Official data shows that these jobs are likely to be in higher demand and make more than others over the next 10 years.

The islands and coast of Vancouver, Thompson-Okanagan, the Northeast, the North Coast and Nechako, the Mainland and Southwest, Kootenay, and Cariboo are all parts of British Columbia that these jobs will be in-demand.

These high-demand jobs in British Columbia were chosen based on the following four factors:

  • available job openings, and growth of employment.
  • expected tightness in job market.
  • most recent unemployment rate and unemployment insurance numbers.
  • prevailing pay rates as of right now

Full List of Jobs in British Columbia That Are in High Demand and Pay Up To $30 an Hour

If you click on each occupation’s (blue-highlighted) link, you can find out more about that job and other jobs that are hiring now in British Columbia.

OccupationHourly WageJob Openings to 2022-2032Education Requirements
Hairstylists And Barbers (NOC 6341)$17.005,856Apprenticeship Certificate
Early Childhood Educators And Assistants (NOC 4214)$19.9612,422Diploma/Certificate
Retail Sales Supervisors (NOC 6211)$22.0014,696High School
Medical Administrative Assistants (NOC 1243)$22.941,985Diploma/Certificate
Other Assisting Occupations In Support Of Health Services (NOC 3414)$23.562,225Diploma/Certificate
Nurse Aides, Orderlies And Patient Service Associates (NOC 3413)$24.0018,324Diploma/Certificate
Home Building And Renovation Managers (NOC 0712)$24.009,836Diploma/Certificate
Restaurant And Food Service Managers (NOC 0631)$24.008,879High School
Court Reporters, Medical Transcriptionists And Related Occupations (NOC 1251)$24.00782Diploma/Certificate
Accounting Technicians And Bookkeepers (NOC 1311)$25.009,538Diploma/Certificate
Medical Laboratory Technicians And Pathologists’ Assistants (NOC 3212)$25.311,800Diploma/Certificate
Other Professional Occupations In Therapy And Assessment (NOC 3144)$25.33746Degree
Professional Occupations In Religion (NOC 4154)$25.641,889Degree
Professional Occupations In Advertising, Marketing And Public Relations (NOC 1123)$27.475,383Degree
Administrative Officers (NOC 1221)$27.8819,537Diploma/Certificate
Web Designers And Developers (NOC 2175)$28.304,637Degree
Managers In Customer And Personal Services, N.e.c. (NOC 0651)$28.372,230Diploma/Certificate
Supervisors, Supply Chain, Tracking And Scheduling Co-Ordination Occupations (NOC 1215)$28.853,125Diploma/Certificate
Authors And Writers (NOC 5121)$28.852,188Degree
Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale Trade (NOC 6221)$29.335,961Degree
Electronic Service Technicians (Household And Business Equipment) (NOC 2242)$29.333,600Diploma/Certificate
Computer Network Technicians (NOC 2281)$29.504,620Diploma/Certificate
High Demand Jobs In British Columbia Paying Up To $30 per hour

How much is the minimum wage in British Columbia?

$16.75 per hour is the minimum wage in British Columbia effective June 1, 2023. This is the highest minimum wage among major Canadian provinces.

How much is the living wage in British Columbia?

$24.08 is the living wage for Metro Vancouver and $24.29 for Greater Victoria.

The living wage is how much someone needs to earn to meet the real costs of living in their community.

What are the in-demand jobs in British Columbia with highest pay?

Specialist Physicians earn the highest around $131 per hour in British Columbia followed by general practitioner/family physicians earning around $84 per hour.

Senior Managers in Financial, Communications And Other Business Services, Utilities managers, and Lawyer earn more than $60 per hour.

How much is the unemployment rate in British Columbia?

5.6% is the unemployment rate in British Columbia as per latest available Statistics Canada data, which is little higher than national average of 5.4%.


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High Demand Jobs In British Columbia That Pay Up To $30/hour

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