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highest paying IT jobs in Canada

Here Is List Of 15 Highest Paying IT Jobs In Canada!

Here’s the list of 15 highest paying IT jobs from 2021. This list was released by one of the recruiting agencies in Canada, Robert Half, based on their 2021 Salary Guide.

  • Big data engineer: A big data engineer end up earning up to $133,500 as the median national salary. These engineers have a degree major in Computer Science with an expertise in mathematics as well as databases.
  • Applications Architect: This job profile is one of the highest paying IT jobs with a midpoint salary of $131,750. Also, it involves some managerial duties. 
  • Network/cloud architect: This role pays a midpoint salary of $128,250 but requires several years of experience in network and cloud technologies.
  • Network/cloud engineer: Cisco certifications such as CCNA, CCNP and CCIE are assets for this position. The midpoint salary for network/cloud engineers is $128,250.
  • Database manager: This management position has a midpoint salary of $123,500 and they are majorly needed in large companies and firms.
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  • Data security analyst: Certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) prove advantageous for this role offering midpoint salary of $123,250.
  • Information systems security manager: These managers earn a midpoint salary of $122,750. They normally have CompTIA Security+ and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certifications.
  • Data architect: These tech professionals make $122,000 as midpoint salary and are responsible for making calculated business decisions along with handling security of the databases.
  • DevOps Engineer: DevOps being the bridge between the coding and engineering, earn a median salary of $113,000. Furthermore, these engineers have an experience with coding languages and software engineering amongst others.
  • Data scientist: Knowledge of mathematics, statistics and computer science is needed for this position offering a midpoint salary of $111,750. Python, Java and R are some of the programming languages considered necessary for this position.
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  • Senior web developer: This seniority position requires years of experience in managing web applications with front-end development experience being an asset. This position pays a midpoint salary of $105,000.
  • System engineer: The midpoint salary for a system engineer is $99,500 as they maintain and support company’s technical infrastructure.
  • Software engineer: The midpoint salary for this position is $97,000, requiring the ability to develop both software and applications.
  • Site reliability engineer: These engineers are often considered to be a part of technical support teams with a midpoint salary of $91,000.
  • Mobile applications developer: The midpoint salary for this is $86,500 with iOS and Android being the most popular platforms to develop the applications.

Furthermore, IT sector is currently proliferating throughout Canada. Recently, Alberta and Saskatchewan announced special PNPs for IT jobs.

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highest paying IT jobs in Canada
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