Here Is How To Combat Immigration Fraud For Canada

Fraud Prevention Month 2023

Every year Canada observes March as a fraud prevention month and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) participates in this to raise awareness about the fraud that immigrants to Canada face and how they may protect themselves.

Here are few things that any applicant inside-Canada or outside-Canada must keep in mind to combat immigration fraud:

There is no assurance of obtaining a visa in any category. So, do not pay anyone if any one 100% guarantee your visa.

Nobody can promise you a job for Canada. Rather, it totally depends upon your abilities and selection by a particular employer.

No one wields extraordinary power at the Canadian embassy or high commissions or connections to get your visa approved.

You may apply for a visa on your own and you don’t necessarily needs a consultant/lawyer. All the information is accessible on the IRCC’s official website.

If any consultant posts or share their picture with immigration minister or Canadian PM or other notable officials, it does not imply that they have inside-influence to get your visa approved. Rather this is a breach of professional code of ethics by that particular consultant.

If you engage a representative to help you apply for citizenship in Canada, be sure they are one of the following:

  • RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) accredited with CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants).
  • Immigration lawyers and paralegals in good standing with the legal profession.
  • Notaries who are current members of the Chambre des notaires du Québec

Always check the credentials of anyone claiming to be RCIC or immigration lawyer or paralegals who offer you services for a fee.

Always sign a retainer agreement before hiring any of the these licensed consultants/lawyers/notaries.

There are no legal fees for LMIA. The cost is borne by the employer, not the applicant.

Never reveal your UCI, Application number, or personal information with any website/YouTube/Instagram page/Facebook page, or other social media platforms in the hopes of receiving additional processing information or expedite processing of your application.

Only the processing times shown on the IRCC website or your online application portal are accurate.

NOBODY has any further information on your application processing and NO one can provide you with a faster application processing time.

DO NOT USE services of any consultant, if they agrees to give you a 100% guarantee of visa or speedier processing.

Check out below videos and additional information about immigration fraud on the official website of IRCC.


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