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Here Are 6 Immigration Issues Presented By CILA to Senate!

On January 27, Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA) presented 6 key issues currently impacting the immigration system. This presentation also provided solutions to address these key issues. CILA put forward these issues to Senate Working Group on immigration – an informal group convened by Senator Ratna Omidvar.

As per CILA’s news release, following six key issues along with recommendations were put forward Senate Working Group on Immigration:

  • 1) Backlogs and client experience
  • 2) Essential workers
  • 3) Family reunification
  • 4) International students
  • 5) Permanent resident cards
  • 6) Business immigration

We find all the issues and their solutions, recommended by CILA reasonable and doable. The presentation was extensive and you can read the presentation by CILA below. Please share these recommendations to make them effective, if you agree with them.

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