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Here Are 3 New Changes To Travel Requirements Announced By Canada!

Today, Canada announced new changes to border measures for travelers. This new announcement was made by Minister of Health, Minister of Public Safety, Minister of Transport, and Minister of IRCC. Click here to watch official announcement. They announced following 3 major changes:

  1. Starting November 30, 2021, fully vaccinated Canadian citizens, permanent residents or individuals registered under the Indian Act who are leaving Canada and returning within 72 hours, will not need a pre-entry molecular test. This will also be applicable for accompanying children under 12 and individuals with medical contraindications to vaccination.
  2. Beginning November 30, 2021, Canada will add more vaccines to the list of it’s approved vaccines in accordance with WHO. New vaccines that will be added to the list are:
    1. Sinopharm
    2. Sinovac
    3. COVAXIN
  3. Furthermore, effective from January 15, 2022 following groups of travelers will only be allowed to enter Canada, if they are fully vaccinated with approved vaccines:
    1. Visitor visa holders travelling to reunite with family (unvaccinated children under 18 years of age will retain exemption if travelling to reunite with an immediate or extended family member who is a Canadian, permanent resident, or person registered under the Indian Act);
    2. International students who are 18 years old and older; 
    3. Professional and amateur athletes;
    4. Work permit holders, including temporary foreign workers (outside of those in agriculture and food processing); and
    5. Essential service providers, including truck drivers.

After January 15, 2022, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated foreign nationals will only be allowed to enter Canada if they meet the criteria for limited exceptions, which apply to certain groups such as:

  • agricultural and food processing workers,
  • marine crew members,
  • those entering on compassionate grounds,
  • new permanent residents,
  • resettling refugees and some children under the age of 18.

These above mentioned exempt unvaccinated travelers will have to undergo testing, quarantine, and other entry requirements. Non-exempt unvaccinated or partially vaccinated foreign nationals will be prohibited entry into Canada.

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