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Canada Post Graduate work permit in 1 days

Canada Post Graduate Work Permit In 1 Day-Know How To Apply

Last Updated On 20 May 2023, 6:44 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

If you want to get your Post Graduate Work Permit faster in Canada, Flagpoling could be one of the best ways to do it.

In case you don’t know what Flagpoling is or how to go about it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

What is Flagpoling?

Flagpoling is completely a legal process that helps you activate a new Canadian immigration status.

It basically means changing of your status which you are already eligible exiting and entering Canada at land border and returning without crossing or entering the USA. 

So, you just take a trip “around the flagpole” and re-enter Canada where you present your documentation and get that new work permit stamp in your passport.

This practice is also used by applicants who need to validate their PR status and/or PR visa

It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to activate your PGWP. Where online application may take up to 6 months, you can get PGWP in one day with this process.

How to Flagpole?

Once you arrive at the US border, you have to let the customs agent know that you want to flagpole. Then they will give you an administrative refusal.

Also, you will then be directed to the Canadian Border Services.

Here, you need to submit all your correct and updated documents based on the type of permit you want to get. 

Documents required

For getting your PGWP faster, the documents you should carry are-

  • Valid passport,
  • Valid Study Permit or TRV,
  • Proof of study completion which may include but not limited to, official electronic transcript showing final grades/results.
  • $255 (payable by cash, credit card or Canadian debit)
  • A Work Permit application form is not required but it is a good idea to bring a completed one along in case the CBSA officer requests it.

Also, you will receive an administrative refusal-of-entry slip from the US authorities at the US Border. Make sure to present this to the border/customs agent.

What Could Go Wrong?

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that sometimes you could end up getting an entry denied at both the US and Canadian border.

Thus, in this case, you may be caught in between the two countries and might be forced to return to your country of residence. 

Although, flagpoling is a common practice, but CBSA officer always have right to refuse entry and detain you.

It’s always important to check if a land border processes flagpole immigration applications.

You can check the complete list here. Some common issues could be one of the following:

  • There is no officer to process your request.
  • The land crossing accepts applications on certain days of the week or particular hours of the day.
  • They reach their daily quota and won’t take more applications
  • You do not meet the requirements of the application or do not hold all the necessary documents
  • They find you inadmissible to Canada

Though flagpoling is NOT illegal and is a very convenient option, always make sure that you do it the correct way.

You should meet all requirements and carry all documents to avoid any mishaps. 

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Canada Post Graduate work permit in 1 days
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