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CBSA Administrative Jobs Hiring Now For Calgary & Edmonton Airport

Last Updated On 23 September 2023, 10:30 AM EDT (Toronto Time)

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) administrative jobs hiring now for Central Alberta District which include Calgary International Airport (Alberta) and Edmonton International Airport (Alberta).

The CBSA is responsible for enforcing the country’s immigration laws. You just need to have completed the first two years of high school to be eligible for this employment.

Find out the specifics of the jobs, the criteria, salary, closing date, and how to apply for it below.

Employment Conditions

You have:

  • to be Dependable in Some Way status with regard to the clearance for security
  • a driver’s license or personal mobility document that is still active.
  • the ability to drive a government vehicle.
  • the ability to accept trips connected to work when given adequate notice.
  • to work a variety of shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays
  • the ability to work beyond hours, on weekends, and even on public holidays when necessary.
  • a carrying capacity of up to 25 kilograms

Position Requirements

Education: The candidate is required to have completed two years of secondary school “OR” alternative option that can be accepted by the CBSA as indicated below.

The following are examples of the alternative that has been approved by the employer:

  • A passing score on the examination administered by the Public Service Commission, which could be used in place of two years of secondary education if the candidate achieves a good score on the examination; or
  • A satisfactory combination of education, training, and professional experience

Applicants are deemed to have finished their second year of secondary school if they meet any one of the following requirements:

  • Candidates who have either earned a passing grade on the Public Service Commission test, which can stand in for two years of high school education, or
  • Candidates who have been assigned or deployed to a job in the CR classification for an extended amount of time are eligible to apply.

Candidates are required to have experience working in an office environment and providing administrative assistance to others.

For instance, purchasing office supplies, receiving office supplies, inputting data, managing communications, archiving papers, and other similar activities.

In addition to this, you should have expertise providing customer support to both external and internal customers.

Job Summary

To apply for these roles, all you need is your resume and two references to back up your qualifications.

You would be required to build a candidate profile for yourself and fill it up with your information.

In addition, check to see that your application includes evidence that demonstrates how you satisfy the requirements for the position.

Who Is Eligible to Apply

For Calgary airport position: People living or working in Calgary, Alberta, and the surrounding area within a radius of 80 km of Calgary, which includes, among other places, Standard, Cayley, Exshaw, and Didsbury, Alberta.

For Edmonton airport position: People who live or work in Leduc (Alberta) and the surrounding area, which encompasses a radius of 80 km around Leduc (Alberta) and includes, among other places, Legal (Alberta), Ryley (Alberta), Ponoka (Alberta), and Breton (Alberta).

Salary range: $50,821 to $54,857

Date and time limit for submissions: 27 February 2024 – 23:59, Pacific Time

How To Apply

To apply for the Calgary position, click here. The reference number for this position is BSF22J-016272-003382. 

If you would like to apply for the Edmonton position, click here. The reference number for this position is BSF22J-016272-003380. 

CBSA Administrative Jobs Hiring Now For Calgary & Edmonton Airport
CALGARY, CANADA – AUGUST 30, 2017: Passengers at the international terminal of Calgary International Airport. Opened in 1938, the airport offers non-stop flights to major cities in North America, Europe and East Asia.

What is the airport code for Calgary and Edmonton?

Calgary airport is denoted as YYC and Edmonton airport denoted as YEG.

What is CBSA – Canada Border Services Agency?

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), which is the second-largest law enforcement agency in Canada, employs over 15,000 people across the country and works around the clock to protect Canada’s borders by preventing the entry of high-risk people and goods while simultaneously easing the process of legal trade and travel.


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