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Canada Visitor Visa Refusal Reasons That You Should Avoid

Last Updated On 3 March 2023, 9:55 AM EST (Toronto Time)

Canada visitor visa has one of the easiest requirements as compared to other visa categories. There is no requirement to prove English or French proficiency.

Furthermore, IRCC processing fee is just $100 for processing + $85 for biometrics.

However, refusal rate is also higher for visitor visas because of multiple reasons. Some times these reasons seem unfair or illogical.

But still onus is on applicant to make sure that their application address these reasons in a genuine manner.

Visa rejection depends on the discretion of visa officer and how they perceive your application.

So, if you are applying or reapplying for the visitor visa, always ensure that your visa application is not addressing the below common refusal reasons.

Top reasons for rejection of a visitor visa:

  • Inadequate paperwork: Refusal to grant a visa may occur if applicants fail to provide the necessary paperwork or fill out applications in full.
    • Travel history
  • Missing information in letter of invitation: A letter of invitation must include certain piece of information as per IRCC.
  • Inadmissibility: Applicants who have medical conditions that endanger public health and safety or criminal convictions may be denied entry to Canada and their visa requests denied. For more details, please visit the below links:

  • Failure to satisfy eligibility requirements: Those who apply for a visiting visa without providing the necessary documentation, such as proof of support on a financial basis, risk having their application denied.
  • Information that is incomplete or inconsistent: Any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the information supplied on the application form or in supporting papers may result in a denial. So, all the information in your application should be consistent with each other.

  • Absence of travel history: Those who have little or no prior travel experience may be seen as flight risks and their visa applications may be rejected. This reason becomes basis of refusal, mostly for youngsters.
    • However, if you are a parent or grandparent of resident in Canada, then this may be overlooked by the visa officer.
  • Absence of strong ties to home country: If the applicant lacks strong enough ties to their nation of origin and poses a danger of overstaying their visa, the visa officer may reject the application. Again, this is now mostly considered for young visa applicants.
    • Prime Minister Trudeau in February 2023, said that it doesn’t make sense for parents/grandparents to NOT stay longer with their children in Canada, rather it should be opposite.

  • Inadequate funds: Visitor visa applicants must prove they have sufficient funds to cover the expenses such as air ticket and cost of stay in Canada. An application may be turned down if they cannot show that they have enough money to afford their stay in Canada.

  • Insufficient reason for travel: Applicants must have a good cause for travelling to Canada; otherwise, their visa request may be turned down. Usually, visitor visa is approved if applicant is traveling to attend a ceremony in Canada and is formally invited for it.

  • Past visa denials: If applicants who have already had a visa to Canada denied in the past do not address the reasons why, their application may be rejected once more. So, it is important to address the previous refusal reason in the new visa application to have a better shot at approval.


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