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maple leaf jobs hiring now

Maple Leaf Foods Jobs Hiring Now For Various Locations

Last Updated On 9 July 2023, 5:12 PM EDT (Toronto Time)

The Maple Leaf Foods is bulk hiring now for multiple basic labour jobs for various locations across Canada.

Those who are unaware about Maple Leaf Foods, it is a Canadian consumer packaged meats firm with headquarter in Mississauga, Ontario.

We all have seen below sign while doing groceries in Walmart or other stores in Canada. Yes, that is Maple Leaf Foods we are talking about.

maple leaf foods jobs hiring now

As most of the international students and newcomers in Canada are reporting that they are not getting work, so here are the bulk hirings being done by Maple Leaf which are easy to get.

  1. Production labourer – food processing: Maple Leaf is hiring now for 100 production labourers in Brandon, Manitoba and Brampton, Ontario for various shifts paying between $16.35 to $23.20 per hour.
    • This could be a physical demanding job with workers to require handling weight of up to 23 kg, doing repetitive tasks, standing for extended periods, bending, crouching, kneeling.
    • Click here to apply for this job.

2. Machine operator – food and beverage processing: They are hiring for 14 Machine operators again in Brampton paying 19.03 to 20.63 hourly.

No education or prior experience is required. Workers will be provided training to operate machinery to process and bag, box or otherwise package food products.

Interested candidates can apply directly by sending cover letter and copy of portfolio/relevant work examples to

3. Poultry Preparer: 100 vacancies in London, Ontario are available for Poultry Preparers at Maple Leaf paying 22.57 per hour.

Health benefits, Financial benefits, and Long term benefits will be given to the hired individuals.

Secondary school education or equivalent and 1-2 years of experience is required.

The work of Poultry Preparer requires slaughtering of livestock and removing viscera and other inedible parts from carcasses.

Click here to apply for the job of poultry preparer.

4. Food processing labourer: Employer is looking to hire for 100 Food processing labourers for new plant located at 1577 Wilton Grove Rd, London, Ontario.

Only secondary education level is needed to apply for this job and pay is 22.57 per hour.

Health benefits, Financial benefits, and Long term benefits will be provided to hired candidates.

Click here for more information and how to apply.

5. Labourer, meat-packing plant: The company needs 100 labourers for meat-packing plant in Winnipeg, Manitoba for various shifts.

No degree, certificate, or diploma is needed and training will be provided by Maple Leaf after hiring.

Salary is at $15.80 per hour.

Click here to view all the available jobs at Maple Leaf Foods hiring now across Canada in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

Disclaimer: Maple Leaf Foods has not made any financial compensation to INC – Immigration News Canada neither this is a promotional content. INC cannot help you get any of these jobs. These listings are just to bring forward available jobs hiring now.


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