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Air Canada Started A New & Cheaper Direct Flight From India!

Air Canada has doubled their capacity by starting a new direct flight India to/from Canada. This step by Air Canada is to deal with increased demand of passenger to/from India. Previously Air Canada resumed direct flights from India on September 27. Normal daily direct flight from Toronto to India is labelled as “AC042” and from India to Toronto is labelled as “AC043.” These flights are coming fully packed from India and ticket prices have skyrocketed. Either tickets are unavailable for direct flights from India for recent dates or the prices are quite higher. To put in perspective, prices for Economy Class have been equivalent to Business Class. Apart from “AC042” and “AC043”, Air Canada’s another direct flight will start on October 16. This flight will be labelled as “AC049” from Delhi and “AC048” from Toronto. These flights are much cheaper than “AC042” and “AC043.”

If you are looking for a direct flight from India to Canada and you are reading this article, then you are lucky to be our viewer. Ticket for direct flights are totally booked from Oct 16 to Oct 22, but ticket for October 23 is still available. “AC049” flight from Delhi to Toronto is almost $600 cheaper than “AC043” on Oct 23.

Air Canada

Moving forward, next cheaper ticket for “AC049” is available on Oct 26 and 28 again at $600 discount.

Air Canada

For October 28, only “AC049” is available and that too at cheapest rate of $1544.

Air Canada

If you are planning to travel to India, then there is even more good news for you. Direct flight from Toronto to Delhi is available at only $529 starting October 10, which is almost equivalent to domestic fare in Canada.