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Canada Diploma Scholarships

Here Is The List Of 6 Canada Diploma Scholarships 2022!

If you are a student looking for a scholarship opportunity in Canada, you are in the right place. This article lists 6 Canada Diploma Scholarships 2022, that you can take advantage of as a domestic student or as an international student. Also, all these diplomas are available to students from any part of the world.

Canada Diploma Colleges and Scholarships

Listed below are the Canadian colleges that offer a diploma as well as the scholarships:

#1 Centennial College Diploma Scholarship

Centennial College awards deserving students can scholarships worth $2500-$1000. These are financial awards given to recognize academic achievement, leadership, community involvement, and student success. Some of the popular scholarships are Scotiabank scholarships. BMW Scholarships, BMO Scholarships, and so on. You can apply for it on the mycentennial website. 

#2 Seneca College Scholarship

Seneca College offers millions of dollars in scholarships, bursaries, and other awards each year to students. Also, it offers up to $2,000 in non-repayable aid based on financial need. There are a large number of awards open to students in all programs, as well as a number of awards available to students in specific programs. The awards are worth $50-$4000. 

#3 Canadian College of Technology and Business Scholarships

This college offers scholarship programs to both International and Domestic Students enrolled in a program. The scholarship programs are- Women in Technology Scholarship, Future Leaders Scholarship, Global Entrepreneur Scholarship, and Diversity Scholarship. These awards are disbursed as tuition credits each term on a pro-rated basis until it is fully distributed.

#4 Niagara College Scholarship

Niagara College provides $1.5 million in grants to international students. Also, it provides $200,000+ for international students in scholarships & awards. There are various scholarship programs like the Entrance Scholarships as well as the Ontario Remembrance Scholarship. And, the value of these is around $2000-$10,000. 

#5 Fanshawe College Diploma Scholarship

Fanshawe College offers over $5 million in scholarships, awards, and bursaries each year. There are various kinds of scholarships for both domestic and international students. For example- Entrance scholarship opportunities are offered to students who have recently graduated from high school and are attending a specific program at Fanshawe College. Most of these scholarships are based primarily on your overall admission average. Also, you can apply on the college website for these.

#6 Humber College Diploma Scholarship

This College offers hundreds of different types of scholarships to recognize academic achievement, community involvement, leadership, and volunteer services. These are awards degree scholarships automatically to graduating high school students based on academic achievement. The worth of which is $4000-$1500. Also, some of the scholarships are renewable each year. However, you need to maintain an average of 80% or more. Moreover, Humber college provides grants worth CAD 2,000 to financially challenged students.

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