Here Are Five Amazing Facts About Canada!

amazing facts about canada
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Five amazing facts about Canada! Ever wondered things that are exclusively Canadian. It’s obvious that the True North has some of the strangest and inexplicable things you will see on the planet. However, Canada extricates itself as the tip of the iceberg in this oddly weird region of the world. Check out these five things you will only see in Canada:

  1. Only Walled City In North America

City of Quebec is one of the noteworthy things unique to Canada. Although, Quebec is known for among other things, maple syrup production, hockey, and most interestingly its archaic walls. Also, it is the only city in North America with walls all around it and these walls date back to the 17th century. They were further fortified by the British when they captured the city. These walls are now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  1. Longest Coastline

Additionally, Canada prides itself in having the World’s longest coastline and covers the distance of more than 150,000 miles. There is no country in the world having a coastline this long and even the country with the second-longest coastline in the world (Indonesia) has about half as much coastline.

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3. Northernmost Permanently Inhabited Place In The World

We all know about long beaches in Canada, but you will also discover that Canada is home to the world’s northernmost settlement. Nunavut settlement is one of the extraordinary things unique to Canada and it’s known for being the northernmost habitable place in the world. Temperatures in this territory can average as low as −19.7 °C or −3 °F. Iqaluit in Nunavut has recorded lowest temperature of -45.6 °C on February 10, 1967.

4. Fashion Brands 

Besides, Canada is also known for having reputable fashion brands labeled after odd things like roots, lemon, and goose. For instance, the country is the cradle of Roots Clothing which is an international clothing brand established in 1973. Moreover, other popular clothing brands like Lululemon, Fluevog, and CA Goose all trace their roots from the country.

5. Strange sugary treats

Lastly, when it comes to treats and bites, Canada is known for having some of the juiciest desserts that you won’t find in any other part of the world. Nanaimo bars, Ruffles, and Chapman’s Ice Cream are some of the unique things found in Canada.

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