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Good News For Direct Flights From India To Canada!

Testing requirements for flights from India to Canada by Air Canada had a major change. This change is being communicated to the travelers via email since September 18 and was shared with us by one of our subscriber. This information is now also available on Air Canada’s website. Change in testing requirement is a positive sign for opening of direct flights from India.

As per Air Canada, travelers from India to Canada will now need negative COVID test, 18 hours before boarding their flight from India. Previously this requirement was 72 hours. Also accepted tests will be RT-PCR or rapid PCR test and will be done from the COVID testing Centre & Lounge across from terminal 3 at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

Testing requirements from India

Officially Canada has not announced their extension or removal of suspension on direct flights from India. This new requirement of testing within 18 hours of departing from India at the airport indicates that there is possibility of opening of direct flights from India to Canada.

As of now, direct flights from India to Canada are suspended until September 21 and review on this decision is due today or tomorrow. Air Canada is offering ticket booking of direct flight from India to Toronto starting from September 22. Fingers crossed and we wish that direct flights from India should start now as a lot of travelers, especially Indian students are facing hardships due to this ban on direct flights.


Click here to verify this information on official website of Air Canada here.

May 2023